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Stock engines leave a lot to be desired, especially when truck performance parts upgrades to existing intake systems are so affordable and easy to install.

Choose from chips, modules, and other engine electronics to increase your fuel economy and unleash your hidden horsepower potential.

Custom exhaust and header truck parts add muscle to your ride. Choose from top brands, including Magnaflow, Edelbrock, and more.

See our selection of Gauges, ranging from OEM replacements, to specialized digital Gauges.

Add an engine brake or “Jake brake” to your diesel rig with one of our custom exhaust brakes. There are real advantages to driving a big truck. Maybe you need to haul heavy loads for work or maybe you need to tow even heavier loads when you’re heading out for some serious fun. But anyone who drives a big rig knows that it comes with its own set of challenges. Maintaining a safe speed on long downhills, for example. Keeping your brakes serviced is like a full-time job. One of the most efficient solutions to big rig challenges is to install exhaust brakes. These brakes work by blocking off your exhaust system to create backpressure in the manifold and cylinders to slow you down.

What You Get
You get a lot of benefits with a diesel exhaust brake. First and foremost, you’ll be able to maintain a safe speed heading down hills without overheating your brakes. When you’re cruising at moderate and low speeds you can even use your exhaust brakes to stop, which can really lengthen the life of your regular brakes. At you can find an exhaust brake for sale by industry leaders like MagnaFlow and Banks Power. No matter what you drive, we carry an exhaust brake kit that will make installation a breeze. You won’t believe how easy it is to tow downhill with exhaust brakes.

How You Get It
If you’ve been searching for an exhaust brake for sale, your search ends here. When you buy from, you know you’re getting the best price. Our 90-day price-match policy means we’ll refund you the price difference if you find the same part being sold for less within 90 days of buying it here. Not only that, if you have any trouble choosing the right universal exhaust brake just call one of our customer service representatives. They’re experts and they’re here to help. So don’t put off getting the exhaust brakes you want and need. Place your order today.

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Max out your power and torque with one of our extreme performance Turbo and Intercooler upgrades.

Whether you’re looking for hard-to-find replacement parts, or looking to give your transmission a huge upgrade, we have all the essential transmissions parts as well as complete assemblies.

We have a wide selection or larger capacity radiators and oil; coolers to keep your high performance or tow vehicle cool for the long haul.

All the parts that make up your intake system.

Vehicle Performance Packages custome tailored to your specific rig or engine.

We have everything to cover all your gauge mounting needs!

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