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Pro Comp Tires and Wheels are among the best performing on and off-road. Using the best available materials, Pro Comp designs and manufactures rotary forged aluminum and cast alloy wheels. Fitted with aggressive Pro Comp off-road or all terrain tires are the best combination at the most affordable cost.

With truck tires in all terrain and mud terrain designs, Pro Comp truck tires offer performance in any situation, making them some of the best truck tires around. Pro Comp tires ability to anticipate industry trends, technology and launching sizes, will lead ahead of other tire manufacturers and remain the leader in tire innovations. If the tiny little factory wheels that came on your Jeep or off-road rig just aren’t cutting it, we get you, which is why we sell heavy duty, off-road tires from top brands such as Pro Comp, BFGoodrich and Super Swamper Mud Boggers. With tires actually designed to truck through the muck, you can do more, go farther and worry less. If you’re ready to beef up your rig with a set of Pro Comp tires made specifically for your Jeep, shop our collection at 4 Wheel Parts now.

Your Rig’s Tires Affect Its Performance
It’s a feel-good feeling to drive off the car lot in a brand-new Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee or some other rugged rig, but the truth is that no matter how good that feeling it, it isn’t quite perfect. What is? The feeling of driving away on brand-new, all-terrain Jeep off-roading tires.

Tires are often an overlooked component of any vehicle, overshadowed by the engine and other powertrain components. Yet, your tires are your rig’s first point of contact with the trail, and they affect how much influence you have over your ride. When you’re out on the trails or cruising the dunes, the last thing you want to do is lose control. The ideal tires are the right tread, width, rigidity, pressure and diameter not just for your vehicle, but for your off-road destination. You can’t get custom tires like that from the lot. No, you need to shop at 4 Wheel Parts for the custom parts you need to improve your ride.

Increase Your Influence With the Right Set of Tires
Whether you need 35-inch off-road tires or 35-inch all-terrain tires and 17-inch rims to go with them, we have what you need to beef up your rig and make it off-road read. Increase your influence behind the wheel and invest in a set of all new tires from today. Shop now to get the lowest prices around, guaranteed.

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