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From tow hitches, to load-leveling air bags, to wiring kits, and more, 4 Wheel Parts offers a wide selection of towing accessories for all your utility-based needs from all of the best name brands in the truck parts industry.

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  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Load Leveling Kits & Components

    We carry a massive inventory of Load Leveling Kits, Air Springs and Components for your Truck, Motor Home, Slammed Street Rod, Military Vehicle or Tow Rig. Air Bags, Leaf Spring Levelers, Coil Spring Levelers, Compressors, Auto Leveling Systems, Helper Springs and more. Keep your vehicle safe, level and handling correctly when hauling or towing or fabricate your own custom bag system and sit your sport truck on the ground.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Hitches

    Stock towing hitches can be quite costly if bought through a dealer. Opt for one of our units instead, We have high quality tow hitches that have been designed specifically for your vehicle.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Drop Hitches & Ball Mounts

    Hitches are available from 0-14 inch of Drop. Available in Solid steel or extruded Aluminum both fixed and adjustable. Ball mounts are available in powder coated steel or chrome.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Mud Flaps

    We carry a wide variety of Mud Flap options to meet your vehicle's needs. These Mud Flaps will help protect your vehicle from mud, rock chips, tar, snow and other damaging elements found on the road. They will also provide safety for the vehicle behind you.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Towing Accessories

    From hitch covers, to locking pins, to mirrors, and much more, we offer a complete stock of all the towing accessories that you’ll need to conduct safe and efficient towing tasks.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Brake Controllers & Electrical

    When it comes to safe trailer operation we have the proper wiring kits to prevent you from butchering your trucks electrical system as well as trailer brake controllers to ensure safe stops.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Cargo Management

    Keep you cargo were you put it. We have everything from Tie Downs to Bed Organizers and even Cargo Bars we have you covered.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Trailer Hitch Covers

    Show off some team pride, personalize your ride, or simply cover that unsightly tow hitch with one of our premium tow hitch covers, available in a wide selection of styles. Sure, it would be great if were always towing a trailer full of fun to our next vacation destination, but sometimes you're just commuting to work or running to the store for milk.

  • Towing - by Trans American Wholesale Loading Ramps

    To load up your ATV, dirt bike, or any other wheeled cargo, we offer custom-built ramps that make it easy to load and unload valuable and fragile machinery onto your truck.

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