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With over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry manufacturing custom air filter and air filter components K&N has grown to become one of the most well-known, well-reputed names in the business. Led by their tried-and-true cotton gauze filter technology, as well as a vast line of revolutionary airflow components, K&N’s foothold in the industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. K&N Filters have become synonymous with high performance and high efficiency. If you are looking to boost power without sacrificing fuel efficiency, look no further than K&N filters.

  • K&N Intake System

    Having mastered high performance airflow components, K&N....comes a complete bolt-on air intake system designed to maximize airflow and engine efficiency for a massive boost of horsepower.

  • K&N Air Filter Elements

    Offering airflow to your engine reminiscent of a supercharger effect, K&N's cotton gauze air filter has become a staple for custom rigs, establishing itself as the undisputed choice of performance enthusiasts.

  • K&N Oil Filter

    Originally intended for racing enthusiasts, K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters combine performance with ease-of-use, offering 40% more rate of flow than standard filters, and designed for durability and easier removal.