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MagnaFlow Exhaust Muffler

Magnaflow Exhaust & Mufflers

Magnaflow has spent the last 25 years earning a reputation as a market leader, spearheaded by the revolutionary Magnaflow exhaust systems, and specializing in superior catalytic converter technology.

Every product from a Magnaflow exhaust, to a Magnaflow muffler, has been received numerous man hours of research, design, and testing to ensure the highest quality product that delivers in every aspect of performance.

Magnaflow Exhaust

  • Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

    A Magnaflow Exhaust system’s unrestrictive design and mandrel-bent tubing help to unleash the horsepower of your ride. From tubing diameter, to tip sizes, to wide-open mufflers, every facet of a Magnaflow Exhaust has been tuned for maximum performance.

Magnaflow Mufflers and Converters

  • Magnaflow Performance Mufflers

    Nothing delivers that aggressive growl like a Magnaflow muffler. Built tough from stainless steel, each Magnaflow muffler uses perforated tubing to reduce unwanted resonance while producing a deep exhaust tone, all at a price that’s just right.

  • Magnaflow Catalytic Converter

    Magnaflow’s massive line of quality Catalytic Converters work with a Magnaflow exhaust to help reduce vehicle emissions. Using efficient design and skilled technical conception, Magnaflow delivers a high quality product at a great value.


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