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Nothing says more about a rig than the truck tires it rides on. We stock all the newest and brands of truck tires, from Pro Comp All Terrain tires, to Super Swamper Mud Boggers, and even ATV tires. All the latest truck tires are in stock in a variety of sizes.

  • Bogger TSL Super Swamper Tires

    Built with the off road professional in mind, the Super Swamper Boggers will claw through even the gooiest of slop holes with ease. Featuring a vicious tread design, along with puncture and tear-resistant sidewalls, you would hardly believe that these professional-grade mud talons are street legal. Not looking to leave the hardcore trailblazers out, the Super Swamper Boggers also perform superbly on rocks, sand, deep snow, and trails. Finally, with easy modifications for the cut, open, and pro stock classes, these Super Swamper tires don't even drive in the mud - they just jump in while the mud grows legs and runs away.

  • IROK Bias Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    They may be called Super Swampers, but the IROK Bias series tires are specifically designed for heavy rock crawling, while still being versatile enough to handle mud, snow, sand, and trails. Softer, yet nonetheless durable, tread composition provides unrivaled traction on rocks, and deep void outer lugs further enhance the grip. The stepped design center lugs offer performance in a multitude of conditions, as well as better release of mud and snow. With all this at premium price for mud and rock tires, these Super Swampers are slick in every way - except when it comes to traction.

  • IROK Radial Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Although the Super Swamper IROK RadialsSuper Swamper IROK Radials are the consummate off road tire tweaked slightly for better on-road performance, these monsters are no slouch on rock, snow, mud, or sand, either. Softer-compound construction provides better traction at no cost to durability, and intuitive tread design allows for less noise on the open road. Three-stage lug design and innovative tread sipes stick to rocks, while scooped design outer lugs are like talons lining the sidewalls. With these Super Swampers, you'll be scaling so many mountains that you might want to hire yourself a Sherpa.

  • LTB Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    As the second generation of the Super Swamper TSL, the Super Swamper LTB features improved features that equate to an even more aggressive bias tire. Redesigned inner lugs have a new, stepped construction for better self-cleaning, and the larger lug is offset more to the outside for even more enhanced traction. Stronger plies and reinforced sidewalls also provide greater protection against punctures, bruises, and sidewall splitting. With beefed up lugs for better traction, and unheard of toughness for durability, this Super Swamper could very well survive a cage match with a rabid grizzly bear - and maybe even get a couple good licks in.

  • Super Swamper M16

    The SS-M16 is highway friendly and very quiet for a tire that has such good off road performance. It is an excellent tire that bridges the gap between the all-terrain and very aggressive off road tires and has a rugged design that will enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

    Manufactured by the Interco Tire Corporation, Super Swampers are the product of almost four decades of experience in tire development. Be it the professional-grade Super Swamper Boggers, or the multifaceted Super Swamper TSL series, the hyper-intuitive lug arrangements and supreme construction can be seen in distinctively fierce designs that make Super Swampers fearsome to behold, yet entirely functional and efficient.

  • Radial SSR Super Swamper Tires

    This Super Swamper is the radial tire of choice for light truck and Sport Utility Vehicle owners who desire Super Swamper performance without having to make modifications to their vehicle. The Radial SSR employs the proven, Super Swamper tread pattern for impressive off road handling, while also adding features to significantly improve grip on wet or icy roads. Supplemental tread extends to the sidewall to help reduce damage, and the Three-Stage Lug design produces unbelievable performance on mud, rocks, and deep snow.

  • TSL Thornbird Super Swamper Tires

    Function fuses with style in the TSL Thornbird. A benchmark in versatility, its greatest attributes can be seen in the imposing design that screams of Super Swamper Tires distinctiveness. The three-staged center lugs provide maximum performance on hard surfaces, while protruding sidewall lugs touch down for additional traction when driving in snow or mud. Add polyester body plies and fiberglass belts under the tread, and with such versatility, you might be tempted to ask these Super Swampers to cook, clean, and walk the dog.

  • TrXus Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    A true, Super Swamper mud tire at no cost to a smooth, quiet ride on the street, the TrXus Mud Terrain is Super Swamper's latest revolutionary design that blends the classic sensibilities of a street tire with the rugged capabilities of an off road tire. The alternating, V-shaped lugs grip on any conceivable surface to provide unreal traction. Utilizing masterful design, sipes are creatively incorporated to maximize self-cleaning and produce a quieter ride on the road. The only thing better than these Super Swampers is a magic carpet, and those have been extinct for years.

  • TrXus STS All Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Not quite the mud, rock, or general off road Super Swamper Tires as the Super Swamper Boggers or IROKs, but the TrXus STS All Terrain excels as a street tire that can hold its own in some off road conditions. The proven, Super Swamper Three Stage Lug design, and lateral lugs that extend to the sidewalls make this tire ideal for sand, snow, rocks, and street. With so many all-terrain capabilities, you'll resent the ocean for covering so much of the planet.

  • TSL/SX Super Swamper Tires

    Even more so than other Super Swampers, these mud and rock specialists are designed with the most extreme off road conditions in mind. Sidewall lugs dramatically improve traction for those low-pressure crawls, and the patented Three Stage Lug design ensures that these tires will catch in mud, snow, ice, sand, and pretty every possible adverse condition. Strong nylon or polyester bias ply bodies and dual belts under the tread give extra durability and lessen tread wear. These tires are how Super Swampers earn their name and then some.

  • TSL Super Swamper Tires

    The classic and always reliable Super Swamper TSL provides the off road traction and durability that you've come to depend on from Super Swampers. This bias ply mud tire offers unbeatable performance on rocks, mud, and trail, especially in low-pressure crawling. The patented Three Stage Lug design will chew through mud and mold to rocks, yielding the first-class performance that people have come to expect from Super Swampers for decades. If there are three certainties in life, it's death, taxes, and the off road capabilities of Super Swamper Tires.

  • TSL Radial Super Swamper Tires

    An aggressive street and off road blend for light trucks, the Super Swamper Radial TSL adds sidewall protection and patented, V-shaped lug design to Super Swamper tires already known to outperform the competition, time and again. Reinforced ply body under the tread and wraparound lugs provide extra traction and protection, and intuitive siping produces an astonishingly smooth ride, and have been extensively tested to drive with very little noise, even at high speeds.

  • TSL Vampire (ATV) Super Swamper Tires

    For the ATV enthusiast, the Super Swamper TSL Vampire applies the durability, performance, and versatility of all Super Swamper Tires to this raw, aggressive ATV tire. Reinforced sidewalls provide a stiff ride with maximum durability, while a ferocious lug pattern clings to mud, trail, and rocks. In fact, the tires are so formidably constructed, you can even continue driving them when punctured. And don't worry; they won't drink your blood. The name just sounded cooler than "Fish Monster" Tires.