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To facilitate all your recovery needs and optimize the effectiveness of Warn winches, 4 Wheel Parts offers a wide range of Warn winch accessories, including winch covers, tree savers, remote switches, and more. Make sure you’re well-prepared and even better-equipped for rugged terrain with our line of Warn winch accessories.


  • Warn Winch Accessory Kit

    Find all the essential Warn winch accessories in this single, complete package, including a 24,000 lb tree strap, 2 clevis shackles, a hook strap, gloves, and a nylon carrying case.

  • Warn Winch Fairlead

    In order to get a smooth and clean extension or retraction of winch cable, a Warn winch fairlead are essential Warn winch accessories for both safe and efficient winching.

  • Warn Winch Cover

    These handcrafted nylon Warn winch covers will protect your winch from the elements and help to preserve the condition of Warn winches for when you need to use it most.

  • Warn Winch Wire Harness

    Warn winch wire harnesses provides a safe and easy way for you to setup a portable winch and stream a steady flow of power so as to allow for consistent winch operation.

  • Warn Tow Straps and Tree Savers

    Intended for use with Warn winch shackles, these Warn winch accessories help you to secure winch wire, and are made of tough nylon to prevent damage to trees or your cable.

  • Warn Battery Isolator

    This gadget is one of the more convenient Warn winch accessories, allowing you to reserve a portion of power for winching, leaving you with power to operate other devices.

  • Warn Winch remote Switch

    No Warn winch accessories make winching safer and easier like winch remotes, which offer features like variable speed controls, digital feedback, LED readouts, and more.

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  • Heavy Duty Bumper

    Contoured to follow the shape of the grille and body, these bumpers look custom made. And they offer real protection. Its one-piece weld design incorporates a tubular grille guard, brush guards, round light ports and a concealed winch mount. The WARN Heavy Duty Bumper is rated for the largest capacity WARN winches, including the 16.5ti.

  • Skid Plate

    Taking the protective benefits of skid plates as far as they can go, Warn features tough, rigid skid plates for many of your vehicle’s undercarriage components. For excellent fit and durability, trust Warn.

  • Bush and Grill Guards

    Of all the WARN mounting systems, the Trans4mer Mounting System offers the most versatility. It can be configured in dozens of different ways to match how you work (or play) with your truck.

  • Light Bar

    Warn winches have become synonymous with dependability. From Electric Warn Winches, to Hydraulic models, and more, Warn winches take on the most difficult tasks with ease. Whether you are looking for the Warn 8000, or the PowerPlant, Warn Winches deliver the pulling power you’ve come to expect.

  • Hitches

    These receivers provide a convenient semi hidden mount for your portable winch, as well as allowing the driver to face the trailer making the maneuvering of trailers into tight places possible with out having to use a spotter.

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  • Fog Lights

    4X FOG LIGHTS In obscuring fog, including the common "pea soup" variety, 4X Fog lights combine the optimal intensity and reflectiveness to illuminate the road so you can drive safely. The 55 watt quartz halogen bulbs, surrounded with a steel housing and double-thickness chrome plating, provide a broad, penetrating beam.

  • HID Lighting

    Long range off-road competition lights provide extensive illumination, along with fast ignition, durability to withstand off-road conditions, and long bulb life of up to 2000 hours.

  • Driving Lights

    These Warn lights are designed to vastly improve visibility range at night, utilizing high quality halogen bulbs with a low-amp draw maximized for brightness and a long-lasting glare.

  • Fog/Driving/Off Road Lamp Bulb

    From ATV bulbs, to 4X bulbs, to the SDB series, choose from a number of Warn light bulbs, ideally used with Warn lighting equipment for lighting the way, regardless of the situation.

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  • Toggle Switch

    This rocker toggle switch puts control of your electrical devices at your fingertips, allowing for activation with the flick of a switch, as well as fast and easy installation with all necessary wiring included.