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  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Grills
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Grills

    Grills made from thicker and more durable materials than your factory grill. Come with seal under the hood and installation hardware. Comes in flat black and looks great on any vehicle color combination out there. Installation is a breeze and all hardware for installation is included.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Fenders
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Fenders

    DV8's fenders were designed for maximum clearance when traversing narrow passages that would rip off an ordinary width fender.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Door or Hood Hinge Covers
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Door or Hood Hinge Covers

    These JK Door / Hood Hinge Covers were designed to match the same style of the 'picatinny' rail system that DV8 offers for Hoods, A-pillars and Roof Mounts. They perform as tough as their mil-spec look.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad LED Mirrors
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad LED Mirrors

    The DV8 Offroad LED mirror housing allows drivers to have a wider range of visibility at night. LEDs are built into the mirror housings and are angled slightly outward from the center of the vehicle to promote a better field of view. DV8 Off Road LED mirrors allow for a safer drive on dark roads and better visibility during late night offroad excursions. The DV8 mirror housings also work as a turn signal to replace the factory fender signals when moving to aftermarket fenders.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Front Bumpers
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Front Bumpers

    DV8 Off Road truck bumpers are built with abuse in mind. DV8 bumpers are tested and proven in the desert, heavy off road recovery, and utility. DV8 bumpers are made from 3/16 cold rolled steel with 1/4 inch plus gusseting and mounting points. Every DV8 truck bumper comes with DV8's exclusive wrinkled 2 step powder coat. This finish looks great, is extremely durable, and is highly UV resistant. DV8 bumpers are 100 percent bolt on and include DV8's 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. When you're tired of banging up your trucks thin fragile factory bumpers, DV8 has you covered. All of their front bumpers accommodate a 12,500lb winch, come with 7/8 inch D-ring shackles, and have holes for LED lighting.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Winch Cover
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Winch Cover

    DV8 Offroad Winch Cover.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad 12000lb Winch
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad 12000lb Winch

    DV8 Offroad 12000 pound Winch. 6hp motor 12DC series. Gear Train: 3 staged planetary. Gear reduction ratio 256:1. Galvanized steel hook. Metal control box. Include all wiring and hardware. 12.5 foot wired remote and Wireless remote and Hause Aluminum Fairlead.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Tire Carriers
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Tire Carriers

    DV8 offroad tire carrier provides a high clearance tire mounting solution that is all about function.It holds the tire tighter for better departure angles.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Track Bar
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Track Bar

    DV8 is proud to introduce their adjustable track bars, newest addition to the DV8 suspension line.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Skid Plate
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Skid Plate

    The DV8 Offroad skid plates are designed for ultimate protection foryour front end drive trian and engine undercarriage.These bolt directly to the frame and utilize the frameand body mounts to add rigidity and reduce deflection to near zero. These plates help to slide off of obstacles rather than getting hung up. Install is simple and 100% bolt on so the sliders can be removed for touch up or recoating.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Rock Sliders
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Rock Sliders

    DV8 Offroad step sliders are all trail tested and proven designs! The boxed in plated design provides a rigid rock slider and the step will make struggling to get into your vehicle a thing of the past. All while improving the looks and functionality of your vehicle.

  • dv8: DV8 Offroad Rock Skins
    DV8 Offroad

    DV8 Offroad Rock Skins

    DV8 Offroad Rock Skins. Each kit comes with both driver side and passenger side rock skin and all mounting hardware. Provide added protection to this exposed area of the body.